Don Warrener's Martial Arts kids' program offers a safe and nurturing environment.Women's Self Defense Workshops and Seminars

Need some information on Women's Self Defense for yourself or your teenaged daughter? Call us, we can help.

We offer both short seminars and 4-week courses specifically dealing with women's self defense training. During this course the emphasis is on mind self defense, avoidance, levels of an attack, target areas, striking techniques, purse self defense, and how to escape from various dangerous holds.

The goal of these courses is to teach women of all ages how to defend themselves. Women will develop skills they can use should they ever need to defend themselves.


Recent Events and Events Coming Soon
Women's Self Defense Events

For details of these events or to schedule a workshop for your organization, please contact us at 519-751-1117.

Photos from Past Events

Women's Self Defense Course 1 Women's Self Defense Course 2
Click here to see more photos from Women's Self Defense Courses

Cheque presentation to Nova Vita Women's Shelter

Tracy Warrener and David Lauzon of Don Warrener's Martial Arts Academy with a cheque for $400 for he Nova Vita Women's Shelter. The money was raised through a recent women's self defense seminar, October 2012.

Cheque presentation to Nova Vita Women's Shelter

David Lauzon, David Turkoski and Tracy Warrener of Don Warrener's Martial Arts Academy present a cheque for $500, raised through women's self defense seminars, to Michelle from the Nova Vita Women's Shelter, October 2011.

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