Suggested reading list...

Traditional Goju Ryu KarateTraditional Goju Ryu Karate - by Don Warrener
Traditional Goju is the very first book ever written in English demonstrating the kai shu or open hand katas of this beautiful flowing style of karate.


Advanced Traditional Goju Ryu KarateAdvanced Traditional Goju Ryu Karate - by Don Warrener
Features Kururumfa Kata and loads of philosophy and martial arts psychology for the advanced students only. This book will show you katsu or restoration techniques self defense and so much more never before taught in any book. If you are an advanced student this is a must have book which will teach many of the secrets of martial arts.

Tracy Warrener20th Century Samurai - by Don Warrener
Focuses on Richard 'Biggie' Kim's philosophy and psychology of the martial arts. It is the first book written on the history, philosophy and psychology of the Japanese martial arts by one of the most famous masters of the 20th Century.

The Classical ManThe Classical Man - by Richard Kim
Sensei Richard Kim is the foremost authority on the facts, philosophies, psychology and morality of the ancient Samurai. With half a century of vast experience studying under renowned masters, Kim is extremely qualified to present The Classical Man.

Tracy WarrenerThe Weaponless Warriors - by Richard Kim
An informal history of Okinawan karate and its growth, told through vignettes about its most famous practitioners, this rare chronicle is one of the most thoroughly researched histories on Okinawan karate, with rare photographs of the earliest pioneers of naha-te, the empty-hand style of self-defence.

Tracy WarrenerKarate Sensei - by Peter Urban
There was only one Peter Urban. He was one of the most fortunate martial artists in America. He was trained by three of Japan's modern day masters: Mas Oyama, Gogen "The Cat" Yamaguichi and Richard Kim.

Tracy WarrenerKarate Dojo - by Peter Urban
Karate is not only a means of self-defense; it is also a sport and a philosophy. The Karate Dojo: Traditions and Tales of a Martial Art examines each of these aspects through the colorful legends, tales, and traditions that are associated with the art.

Tracy WarrenerKarate Do My Way of Life - by Gichin Funakoshi
Linking the time when karate was strictly an Okinawan art of self-defense shrouded in the deepest secrecy and the present day, when it has become a martial art practised throughout the world, is Gichin Funakoshi, the "Father of Karate-do."

Tracy WarrenerGoju Ryu Karate Do Kyohan - by Gogen Yamaguchi
Full of rare photos of Yamaguchi himself doing katas as well as showing exercises, postures and throws. Hundreds of fine detail line drawings depicting the katas as well as complete analysis of each kata by the founder make this an invaluable asset in the learning of this style.

Featured Book

Zen in the Martial Arts

by Joe Hyams





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