Why not have a karate-themed birthday party?

And you don't have to be a karate student to have one!!

Celebrate your birthday with us!

We are Brantford's choice for kid's karate-themed birthday parties. Book your child's birthday party with us and they get to be a black belt for the day!

Your child, along with up to 20 of their friends, will learn lots of street proofing and self defense techniques and play karate-based games.

Afterwards, they will have pizza, snacks and refreshments, enjoy a karate-themed birthday cake which they get to cut with a Samurai sword and open gifts and loot bags.

Following the party your child will receive a special photo card of themselves in the black belt as a keepsake.

Your child's birthday party includes:

• 1 hr of karate and self defense
• 1 hr of food, drink, karate-themed cake and time for gifts
• 20 invitations
• loot bags
• 2 Black Belt Instructors
• picture of your birthday boy or girl wearing a black belt along with all their friends
• all guests will be given 1 week of free karate after they attend your birthday party

World Karate Organization Butokudo

Have a kickin' birthday

Dan Balkwill and daughter NicoleA karate-themed birthday cake cut by a samurai sword (with adult supervision, of course!) See one of our birthday parties for a special karate kid...




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