Things to look for when shopping for a martial arts school

1. Experience. Make sure the instructors have adequate experience, certificates and lineage to properly instruct you and your children.

2. Continued Learning of Instructors. Do the instructors, including the head instructor/sensei, continue to learn and train in the martial arts?

3. Affiliations. Does the club belong to any organizations?

4. Positive Attitude. Staff, instructors and students should all maintain a positive and friendly demeanour and welcoming attitude.

5. Student:Teacher Ratio. The more instructors per class, the more you and your child will learn.

6. Safe and well-equipped facility. Padded floor, spacious area, and a variety of equipment.

7. Rapport. Do the instructors genuinely seem to connect with the students?

8. Can you watch the class? Make sure you are able to view your child taking the class.

9. Accessibility. Are you able to speak with your child's instructor, the head instructor, or other staff members if you have any questions or concerns?



Dan Balkwill and daughter Nicole

"Nicole, my 12 year old daughter started to train here at Don Warrener's Martial Arts Academy in Brantford about 16 months ago. We were looking for something to help boost her self confidence. Training here we found that her self confidence has improved, she has met many new friends and she has learned many new life skills. She now views her dojo friends as family. Nicole's Sensei and team of Instructors are first class and care deeply about the well being of their students." ~ Dan Balkwill



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