Kobudo (or Traditional Weapons)

Kobudo, which is traditional weapons training, utilizes tools which were once farming implements in Okinawa. The farmers used these implements to defend themselves when actual weapons were banned.

Over the years, kobudo training has been introduced into the martial arts as a self defense in itself, ultimately being incorporated into our martial arts program.

The bo staff, tong fa, kama, escrima and several other weapons are taught in both our children's and adult programs.

Separate weapons classes are also available for students, in conjunction with their regular karate program.

Students will learn traditional kobudo katas (forms), the history of these weapons and some self defense techniques using the various weapons. Many students compete with these katas in competition.


Weapons classes at Don Warreners Martial Arts

Weapons classes at Don Warreners Martial Arts Academy

Weapons at Don Warreners Martial Arts Academy



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