It's with great pride to see one of my most devoted and experienced students take his next step in his martial arts journey. I remember when Sensei Erik Croft was only a 4 year old shy youngster, and as I watched him grow and develop confidence and great skill through his martial arts training, I was excited and proud of the instructor and mentor he became. It is with great pride and joy to promote his new endeavor to you. I have every confidence that students of his new dojo, Winning Way Martial Arts, will also grow in their own self belief, strength and success in their martial arts journey! I wish Sensei Croft and his students all the best for the future!

Website: winningwaymartialarts.ca | Phone: 519-209-8208 | Instagram: @winningwaymartialarts | Facebook: @WinningWayMartialArts | Twitter: @WinningWayMA

Don Warrener's Martial Arts Academy

Kids Program at Don Warrener's Martial Arts Academy Teen Program at Don Warrener's Martial Arts Academy Adult Program at Don Warrener's Martial Arts Academy Student Resources

Karate for children is beneficial in many areas, including fitness, self confidence and self defense skills.Karate – More than just a sport

The program at Don Warrener's empowers children and adults alike. The martial arts program at DWMAA builds character and boosts confidence. It tests your inner strength, and cultivates your determination. Karate can fine-tune your concentration and develops discipline, accountability and leadership.

Karate means good grades

At Don Warrener's Martial Arts, we can help you and your child achieve success – at school, at work, in life.


Our Promise

From focusing to goal setting to self discipline to self-respect – kids emerge from our program changed for the better and their parents couldn't be happier.

Let us show you why we are Brantford's leader in self defence, anti-bullying, physical fitness and personal development.

Don Warrener's Martial Arts Academy is Brantford's oldest and best karate school. Our kid's karate program, teen karate program and adult karate program have led the way in Brantford for the past 25 years.



Maria Dasilva Jordan testimonial"My three children have all been training here at Don Warrener's Martial Arts Academy in Brantford since 1995. The classes have helped the children learn goal setting, develop self discipline and a positive attitude towards learning and practice, both in the dojo and also at school and their other activities." ~ Lynn Romany-La Foucade


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